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Romance Master Ritual and Affirmations

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Whether or not you have plans for Valentine's Day, and whether or not you're currently in a romantic relationship, the extremely potent ritual below can help open your heart, get you into your body, and generally turn up the volume on your romantic magnetism. (And so can the affirmations!) Here's a thought: if you don't currently have plans or a partner, maybe make a date with yourself to do this master ritual. After that, you could even to dance to some sensual music by candlelight while chanting one or more of the affirmations below.

Romance Master Ritual

2 sticks vanilla incense
2 red roses
2 pink candles
1 pinch dried damiana (herb)
A bottle of cheap red wine (or any red wine you feel comfortable using)
2 small lepidolites (crystals), cleansed in cold water and white sage smoke
A delicious chocolate bar
A lighter or matches

Draw a bath. Light the two pink candles and two sticks of vanilla incense near the bath. Add the entire bottle of red wine, the petals of the roses, and the pinch of damiana to the bath water.

Hold your hands over the water and say:

Goddesses of love - Hathor, Venus, and Aphrodite - I call on you!
Infuse this water with your beautiful energy.
Fill me up with the vibrations of passion, romance, and love.
Beautiful goddesses, I thank you!

Soak for at least 45 minutes, drinking water as necessary to stay hydrated.

Get out, dry off, throw on some sort of loose, comfortable, beautiful clothing (if necessary), sit comfortably in a candlelit (or otherwise magically lit) room, and cradle the crystals in both of your open palms. Say:

Goddesses of love - Hathor, Venus, and Aphrodite - I call on you!
Please infuse these crystals with the magnetic, swirly, sparkly vibration of open-hearted love and divine passion.
With your help and the help of these crystals, may I become an irresistible love-drawing charm in and of myself.
May I experience divine romance that is perfectly suited to me in every way.
May my love situation shift and change according to what is in alignment with my truest and most beautiful good.
While my healthy boundaries stay strong, may I be totally open and receptive to ideal experiences relating to beauty, passion, and love. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Blessed be! And so it is.

To internalize the energies and seal the deal, slowly and sensuously eat the chocolate. (If you're allergic or don't like chocolate, substitute another sensually delicious treat such as cherries or coconut milk ice cream.)

In the days and weeks ahead, keep the lepidolites near your heart. (You might want to tie them into a piece of cloth and safety-pin them to the inside of your clothes. If this isn't possible with your wardrobe, just keep them somewhere on your person.) Once you feel you've sufficiently drawn in the intended energies, place them on your altar as a reminder and symbol of sensuality, passion, and divine romance.

Romance Affirmations

I love everyone, and everyone loves me.
I am loved and lovable.
I relax deeply and receive fully.
I am sexual, sensual, beautiful, and free to be me.
I revel in my senses and surrender to the fullness of the moment.
I am totally open and receptive to love.
I am totally open and receptive to blessings of all varieties.
I relax, listen, and allow.
It is safe to give and receive love.
I open my heart to love.
I welcome life's pleasures.

("Master Ritual" and "Affirmations" both excerpted from The Art of Bliss.)

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