Monday, February 25, 2013

Random Acts of Offering: Giving Gifts to Spirits of Heaven and Earth

When I was a child, Saint Patrick's Day was my favorite holiday. Even though no one suggested that I do this, I remember insisting on leaving out treats "for the leprechauns" the night before. My mother (who is Irish) apparently loved this idea, as illustrated by the fact that on the morning of March 17th, wherever I had left the treats, I found all kinds of sparkly green goodies, and a cheery, grateful little note from the leprechauns.

I suspect the idea to leave an offering to the leprechauns wasn't merely a childish invention but a genetic or past-life memory of Old World customs. It's said that many people left milk outside the front door every night "for the fairies" (to curry their favor and entreat their assistance), and that other offerings of food and beverages might be left inside for the "house fairies" or "house brownie (spirit)."

What's more, in countless cultures and ages, people have offered things such as food, beverages, and fragrant smoke to gods, goddesses, ancestors, and spirits of the land.

In addition to placing offerings on an altar, here are some ideas for ways you might make offerings to helpful beings in order to invite their presence and request their assistance in keeping your home safe, blessed, and energetically fine-tuned. Feel free to put your own spin on these.
  • Make an offering to the fairies and spirits of the land by getting a bird feeder and keeping it stocked with fresh bird food or nectar.
  • Leave whole grain breadcrumbs or cooked rice out for the air spirits (and birds).
  • Leave unsalted nuts out for the spirits of the earth (and squirrels).
  • Place walnut shell halves filled with beer, cider, or champagne outside in the garden or yard - it's said that fairies love bubbly party beverages.
  • Hang wind chimes near your front door and offer their sounds to the angels.
  • Light incense and offer its fragrance to God/dess.
  • Pour a glass of wine or cider and place it on the dinner table as an offering to the earth. After dinner, go outside and pour it near the base of a tree.
  • Plant and tend an organic garden or outdoor potted plants to summon fairies (and also ladybugs, birds, bees, etc.).
  • Bring potted plants into the house to call in nature spirits.
(Excerpt from The Good Energy Book.)


  1. Always a great idea. It is always good to do if only to keep alive a spirit of giving in your daily life. :-)

  2. Got any tips on how to negate the negative effects of Mercury being retrograde? I've had so little energy lately, and I'm ridiculously emotional. I mean, I'm emotional to begin with, but ever since mercury started acting up


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