Friday, January 11, 2013

Maneki Neko: A Very Lucky Cat

flickr / Joelk75
Since it's the Capricorn new moon, a day especially suited to planting seeds of success, I thought it would be fun to post this little excerpt from the Prosperity Key chapter of The Art of Bliss about Maneki Neko, the cat who welcomes in luck and all forms of positivity and blessings.

Cats of all kinds are said to summon luck and are excellent examples of dwelling in relaxation and feeling entitled to all of the luxuries that life has to offer. Maneki Neko is not just any cat. She's the cat you often see waving to you in your local Chinatown and near the entrance to Asian restaurants. She appears in many colors, and each color represents a specific type of blessing that she welcomes into the home or business where she resides. For basic prosperity key purposes, choose a statue or picture with her right hand raised. You might place her near your entrance, on your altar, or in the prosperity area of your home. Here's a basic key to her colors and the types of blessings that each one summons:

White: Happiness, purity, luck
Gold: Financial wealth
Yellow: Happy home, marital bliss
Red: Health, protection, passion, love
Pink: Romance, keeping children happy and safe
Green: Health, higher education
Purple: Creativity, harmonious dreams


  1. So cute and a lovely idea - you're right, cats do know how to live deliciously. I'm going to be on the look out for Maneki Neko for my entrance hall!

    1. Nice, Barbs! Yes, there are so many super cute ones, in tons of sizes and colors. Many blessings!


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