Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Front Door Invocation for Blessings and Wealth

So many people tell me that they don't really use their front door. In other words, they use a side door, the door from the garage, or the back door rather than the door that the architect intended to be the front door, so that their technical front door is almost never opened. And to them, I say, can you open your front door on a regular basis, say at least 5 days out of the week, for any reason at all? To water plants, or get the mail? And if this isn't practical because it wouldn't merge seamlessly into your day - in other words if it would be somewhat awkward and inconvenient - could you just open it and do a quick prayer/invocation to invite in abundance and blessings of all kinds to enter your home and your life?

This is because the front door is a very powerful symbol and actual representation of your ability to allow beautiful energy and all good things to flow. It's literally the threshold between you and the outside world, and keeping it activated and moving promotes an expansive and generally auspicious life experience.

So, for example (to perform the prayer/invocation mentioned above), you might purposefully open your front door and stand at the threshold facing out. Relax as you stand with your feet about hip distance apart and your hands lifted about 30 degrees from your sides, palms facing out, as if you are ready to receive an infusion of beautiful energy. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Then, silently or aloud, you might say something like:

I now invite in blessings and all good things.
I now activate wealth and open the door to riches.
I now welcome in harmony, love, and well-being.
Wonderful opportunities and delightful experiences are everywhere for me now.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Blessed be. And so it is.

Photo: flickr / AlicePopkorn


  1. Question - I live in a manufactured home, so the door that is in the carport is my main point of entry to the house. Also, for some reason, in manufactured home parks, people (visitors) always use that door as well (to knock, to leave notes or packages, etc.) However, the front door actually faces south (the carport is on the north side).

    I've always wondered - in a case like this, does the door most frequently used become the "front" door?

  2. Aha! Great question, Semi-Wicked! In fact, I think I might revise this post a bit to qualify that I meant the front door as intended by the architect, as this is the place that most strongly represents the entry point for blessings and abundance. Because of this, in all cases the architecturally designated front door remains the front door symbolically, magically, and from a feng shui perspective. That's why it's important to energize it if you don't naturally use it on a regular basis.

  3. I live within an apartment within a triple decker. So I wonder is it good to do this for both the door to the apartment and the building as well? I assume it can hurt, but is really only your immediate apartment important?

  4. Hi Michael! Yeah, I would just do the door for your own apartment. That is the place most symbolic to you personally. Also - thanks for reading!

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  6. LOVE This and plan on doing it in the morning .. any chance it will keep my roommate out? :) and yes I'm being a smart @@@
    But thanks for this
    Blessed Be !

    1. He he. Blessed be to you too! Hope you enjoy the invocation. :)

  7. I live in a condo and it faces the street where everyone can see my apt and possibly me.

    When doing this invocation... can I do it at anytime... or is there a certain time of the day to do this..

    1. Anytime! Also, you can do the invocation silently. :)


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