Monday, August 29, 2011

Is Breaking a Mirror Really Seven Years Bad Luck?

Day before yesterday, I dropped my make up mirror (see photo). The side that broke was the magnified side: the side I use for plucking my eyebrows and putting on mascara. In other words, I never really use the whole face of that side of the mirror, just a tiny part of it. Still, with the crack across it, I realized that every time I used the mirror (which is almost every day), that old superstition about "breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck" would be in the back of my mind.

And that wouldn't do.

Because the answer is, no, breaking a mirror in and of itself does not bring about seven years bad luck. But our entire life experience is filtered through our minds. So if we have a powerful symbol of something in our day-to-day environment - say something that we associate with bad luck - we can inadvertently begin to bring that bad luck about.

So to continue the story, I threw the mirror in the trash and decided to get a new one. But then I realized that I could go above and beyond trying to forget the mirror breakage ever occurred by transmuting the negative symbol/affirmation (i.e. the condition that would bring my spirits down) into an actively positive symbol/affirmation (i.e. a condition that would bring my spirits up). And (after fishing it out of the trash and wiping the coffee grounds off of it) I put two bandaids over the broken mirror and wrote the words "infinite good luck!" on them with a Sharpie. Now every time I pluck my eyebrows or put on mascara, the reminder that my good luck is infinite stares me in the face.

As an added bonus, I get such a kick out of my bright idea that my joy and sense of playful creativity will get a boost every time I gaze at my handiwork as well.

Of course this won't be appropriate for every broken mirror, but the idea is - no matter what the superstition or situation - to find a way to transmute any limiting beliefs about bad luck into a strong conviction that your luck is infinite and your blessings are endless.

To put it a different way, we want to consciously wield the power of imagery and beliefs to shape our life experience rather than being unconsciously wielded by them. 

Here are some ideas for how to do this:
  • Say something like: "I now cancel, clear, delete, and transcend any beliefs that limit my luck, and powerfully affirm that my luck is infinite and my blessings are endless."
  • Burn feather or desert sage around the area while saying "infinite luck, infinite blessings, infinite safety, infinite well-being."
  • Say, "No person, place, or condition can change my infinite good luck. I am in the flow of well-being. Everything is perfectly unfolding for me, now and always."
  • Carve the words "infinite good luck" into an indigo, blue, or purple candle and light.
  • Burn cinnamon/cinnabar incense or India temple incense and say, "The energy behind all fear is now transmuted into endless blessings and luck!"
  • Put your foot down. Acknowledge that all the power to define your luck resides in your own mind, and bring about a positive shift in your circumstances like William Shatner's character in this excerpt of the classic Twilight Zone episode "Nick of Time."


  1. You always seem to post just what I need, in just the way I need it, just when I need it most! Thank you for this lovely blog, whose archives I also find just as valuable as the current postings. A blessed day to you, Christie

  2. Oh good Christie, great to hear it! Yes, it's good for me to remind myself of this from time to time...A blessed day to you too!

  3. William Shatner is HOT in that clip!

  4. Hi Tess,
    Just broke a mirror and remembered your post. Took all your suggestions, Really do feel that all was transmuted into good. Put on the bandaid, wrote in purple marker, thanked the mirror for it's service, carved the candle, took all your suggestions. Being in the flow of well-being led to prayers of gratitude led to feeling blessed led to being in the flow of well-being led to...I got the idea - I'm lucky and blessed and empowered! Plus it was fun to do. Thanks for showing the way!

    1. Hi Lianne - Thank you for starting my day on such an inspiring note! So lovely to imagine you surrounded by all that empowerment. Love and blessings to you!

    2. Hi Tess, I happened on the Good Energy Book at the book store last year and it was just what I needed. I have all your books now and thoroughly enjoy them and implement what I can. I never researched anything before, just sort of instinctively put my gems in the moonlight, etc and tuned into all the good, loving energy that surrounds us. But am so happy to have your formulas and ideas to refer too, especially the house blessings. I've been trying to get my new broom and dustpan blessed for months. I hid it so it won't get used before it's ready - now I can't find it. Working on the decluttering. LOL
      Best wishes and blessings! Lianne

    3. Hi Lianne! So sorry I just saw this post for some reason. Thanks for getting the Good Energy Book! That's so cool that you intuitively already had a sense. I like to think that my books do more to remind people of what they already know rather than teach them something new. Thanks for reading and for dropping a line! Blessings, Tess

  5. Thank you at 12.00 noon i broke a mirror which was on my dressing table...i was so upset n afraid about d seven years bad luck.... but after I saw your post....its just relifed me in all d way...I decided to go for ordering a new mirror for my dressing table....thank you so much...have a blessed life dear... :)

    1. Hi! So glad to put your mind at ease. Definitely nothing to worry about! You have a blessed life too, and thank you for connecting. :)

  6. Thank you,thank you,thank you...Have a blessed life,dear Tess


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