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Feng Shui and Your Astrological Sign

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After almost seven years of professionally teaching and practicing feng shui, I've learned a few things about the unique challenges of natives of various astrological signs when it comes to interacting with their homes. Of course there is a lot more to you than just your primary (sun) sign (rising sign, moon sign, etc.), so you might recognize yourself in more than one of these, but here's a general overview of what I've observed.


You're a grass fire and you need space to spread and burn - in the form of open area to dance, exercise, or just let your fiery energy have space to breathe. I know clearing clutter isn't your favorite thing to sit and do, but when things are convenient and easy to find, you are so much happier. You also like fiery accents, like twinkle lights, reds, purples, and pictures of people and/or animals.


You like a sense of stability and earthiness in your space (think solid furniture, plants, browns and earth tones), but passionate, sensual touches are what really make your heart sing (e.g. deep reds, soft fabrics, delicious fragrances). Keeping the clutter cleared and energy fresh help lighten you up and balance out your earthy nature.


You like things light and airy so that your lively mind and childlike playfulness can have the ambiance they need to swirl and twirl. Wood finishes, metal touches, whites, greys, and shiny things. And you like it clean, especially the windows! Healthy plants can keep you grounded while satisfying your desire for upward movement and growth.


Your home is your sanctuary, and when you're home, it's most important for you to feel safe, open-hearted, and free to be yourself. To infuse your home with coziness, ask yourself: what says "cozy" to you? Quilts? Woodsy incense? Organic cotton sheets? Also, photos or other representations of the ocean will help align you with your much-needed feeling of "home."


Your sunshiney lion/lioness nature is more at home outside or out in the world, so while you like your home, you don't relate to it in the same way as the other signs. Rather than a nourishing place to be, you see it as an extension of yourself, and your unique beauty and personality. So to create a home you feel great in, it might be helpful to consider creating the perfect set for the movie that is your life. (Ask yourself: what would my character's house look like?)


There are generally two ways Virgos can be when it comes to the home: those who strive for perfection (but never feel like they actually reach it), and those who don't even attempt perfection and live in relative chaos. For both, it's ideal to recognize let go of the ideal of "perfection" and do your best to keep the clutter cleared and everything else clean and organized, because you won't truly feel comfortable in your skin until you do.


More than any other sign, Libras have a fundamental need for lightness, order, and beauty in the home. You adore surrounding yourself in light colors such as white, cream, grey, and beige. Fresh flowers and flowers in the garden are a must. When clutter or aesthetic disharmony appear, you feel utterly unlike yourself, so it's in your nature to deal with them right away.


While you flourish in a relatively bright, simple home setting (to balance out your complex depths), you enjoy hints of ornate detail, along with imagery that evokes water, the ocean, and/or nighttime and darkness. You also enjoy living in a setting that feels sexy, so think sensual textures and imagery, woodsy scents, etc.


You enjoy settings that feel down-to-earth and authentic, but you also crave accents that are fun, eclectic, and exotic. You might do well to decorate with neutral colors and pieces and then get some fiery/sparkly/unique finishing touches in Chinatown, a flea market, or an import store. And for most of you, your kitchen needs a spice rack!


For most Capricorns, "staying on top of the housework" is paramount. So, while clearing clutter doesn't always come naturally to you (except in those wild energy bursts you get every now and then), when you stay as clutter-free as possible, you not only have a much easier time keeping the house in ship-shape, you also lighten up your energy field and balance out your tendency toward seriousness. And, all your many ambitious projects feel easier and breezier: what could be better?


While some of you have the natural lightness in your home associated with the other air signs, others have homes that tend to get filled with interesting little tidbits, books, and conversation pieces. In truth, your home might not have as much of an effect on your state of mind as the other signs since your mind is such a realm unto its own. Still, it can be helpful to keep an eye on the clutter and to balance out your airy nature with some earthy and sensual touches (plants, soft fabrics, pleasing scents). 


Pisces homes have an underwater feeling, and it is most important to keep their energy moving so that the watery energy stays fresh and healthy. Of course, stay as clutter-free as possible and perform regular space clearings with white sage and rattles. Also, if you don't already, be sure to have watery imagery and perhaps a water feature or two so that you feel at home in your watery depths.

(Have any similar observations you'd like to share? Or variations on the theme?)


  1. Spot on with me and my sign, Taurus! Also with my boyfriend, Cancer :)!

  2. Oh cool, Happy! Thanks for reading and for the encouragement.

  3. I am a good mix of your Capricorn and Aquarius descriptions. However, this is not surprising considering I have a birthdate of January 18! Namaste.

  4. Hi Blake! A nice combo to be. My dad and brother are both Aquarians with Cap moons. By the way - I saw your piece in the 2012 Almanac! Nice!!

  5. Beautiful blog. Thank you, Tess!

  6. This Aquarian Sun,Leo rising and Pisces Moon says spot on

  7. It's funny, I didn't really resonate with the Libra stuff at all, but I also have a lot of Scorpio in my chart, and that's spot-on for me. :D I bet the Scorpio stuff is in a home/beauty/health part of my chart right now, too.

  8. Wow, Capricorn describes me perfectly, so true! Thank you! :)

  9. I had to laugh out loud when I read Aries! TOTALLY ME!

    Brightest Blessings~♥

  10. Wow, thanks for reading, guys! Glad it (mostly) resonated! :)

  11. Tess! The Aries thing is amazing! I moved last year from a very spacious, airy, light-filled apt to a teeny tiny one, with all my stuff--tho I have gotten rid of 3/4 of it, and I just have been having such a hard time living in small rooms! I feel like my spirit is all crunched up. :( Any suggestions? (I do have some big pieces of furniture, that have sentimental value to me and are the things I have the hardest time parting with...seems better to find a bigger place that would accommodate, but I'm not sure that's the way to go since I'm here now). Anything you could suggest I would gratefully try, including reconsidering.....Thanks! Nanci

  12. Hi Nanci! Yes, if you can release the big pieces it would be best. That way you can free up your energy and make space for your life as it is now. If you're just in the apartment as a very temporary thing, you might consider getting a storage space but I really discourage those unless there is a definite end in sight - otherwise they can get very stagnant. Plus, this is an infinite universe, so when you release with the knowledge that whatever you need at any given time will always be provided to you, you are dwelling in prosperity consciousness and your most ideal life flow. Besides that, add mirrors to create space where possible. Also spend time outside and take walks, hikes, and runs often. Actually perhaps I'll write a whole blog post about this. Thanks for the idea! :)

  13. Oh, that'd be great if you wrote a whole post about it! I do try mirrors but with old albums stacked up on huge cases and a large 18th century desk, big antique oak table, 8 foot sofa, tree stump used for magic i can't seem to part with and an old cast iron cauldron 24-inches in diameter and just as tall that I grew up with over our well -plus a queen-size bed, 2 trunks--it's just soooo crowded. A lot is my son's baby stuff, that is in the trunks, so that's really really hard! But I'm suffocating and have barely any room to move around furniture, let alone dance and do my yoga! The outside time is a good idea and has been happening more simply because I can't stand it in here! You really put your finger on something that was on the edge of my consciousness about what I needed in that Aries thing--and also I have a Libra rising, so all this disharmony is not pleasing or relaxing! I did get rid of SO much--all my journals, tons of books, furniture galore (and favorite pieces, too). But you can't take it with you, so what am i doing???! I look forward to your post! Many blessings, Nanci

  14. LOL! Yes, I'm looking at my calendar and Magical Almanac I think that post might go up around August 23rd or so. (Incidentally, my birthday!) I'm so glad the Aries entry was a piece of the puzzle for you. Many blessings to you too, and thanks again for the idea! xoT

  15. I can't wait! And a pre-Happy Birthday to you!! I'll hobble around in here til then. :) BTW-I loved the way you put it--"you're a grass fire and you need space to spread and burn"--beautifully said. I'll keep watching for it, til then Happy Trails! Blessings, N

  16. Glad you got a kick out of the wording! Two of my very closest girlfriends are Aries girls so I've got an especially clear energetic picture of how you guys relate to your homes. :)

  17. It's so true! I just don't know why in times of stress I keep bringing more and more into the space that I want clear and then cant' bear to part with anything! Sigh...Maybe I need deep analysis...:( heh-heh

  18. HAPPY "early" Birthday Tess; may your day of celebrating the day you were born, be everything you want it to be. Blessings!!!

  19. Thank you Shari! Blessings to you too! :)

  20. My husband, daughter, son and I are all Pisces. This totally resonates! My home has been PRETTY, but super stagnate for some years. Your book, Magical Housekeeping is (not did) IS saving my marriage, and renewing my passion for all things metaphysical. I used to hate to organize and clean my own home. Usually leaving it up to other members of the family and if I had to clean or tidy- I would do so in an ON THE SURFACE it LOOKS CLEAN way and chuck tons of odds and ins into my many catch-all hiding spots. I no longer do this. I enjoy clutter clearing and cleaning my home now. I wrote recipe cards(secrets and tips from your book) and frequently use your book as a reference. I am looking forward to reading your other books. Love and Light, Ellie

  21. Ellie, I am so happy to hear about your positive experiences! Thank you for letting me know. Love, light, and blessings to you on your continued magical journey.

  22. Good grief, so true! I am a Leo and my home is indeed my set! Busted, but in a good way. LOL!

  23. This is really interesting. By the way, I'm a Taurus but this is a bit different on the prediction of a Feng Shui master Malaysia. It is great actually. It was fun to read.

  24. I am Aries and I have loads of horse paintings in my hall, big cats in my sitting room and dogs and sheep in my bedroom. I also small lights and have something red in every room. I alos have been entertaining more since my cookery books came out of a cupboard and are on display on a dresser in the kitchen. And I got a larger table!

    1. Yes, sparkly fiery energy - that's Aries for you! :)


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