Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vision Boards for People Who Don't Like Vision Boards (But Kind of Do)
When it comes to manifesting, there are all kinds of options out there: affirmations, spells, visualizations, etc. But sometimes you just want to craft a piece of visual art that encapsulates the essence of what you want to create. Sometimes you just want to make vision board, am I right?

While there are millions of ways to make a vision board (as you might have guessed), I have a few opinions about it, which I've assembled into the handy guidelines below. 

1. Be Elegant

Thankfully, not all of us end up with piles of gratuitous magazines anymore. Many of us prefer to read electronic publications, and even when we do get paper magazines, it's obviously not ideal to let them pile up forever. So, can we drop the trend of making huge, pasty, posterboard sized mish-moshes of pithy-ad-slogans-and-models-doing-yoga-on-the-beach already? 

Instead, plan to make something unique and attractive. Granted, we may not all be Frida Kahlo, but we can certainly use mediums other than magazines and glue, like craft paint, water colors, glitter, fabric, dried flower petals, pastels, lace, etc. It's also good to make sure your piece has a simple and clear magical purpose or intention. Which brings us to...

2. Be Succinct

Choose one clear intention for your vision board, and phrase it in the form of a concise, believable, already-true statement, as in: "I now experience a healthy inflow of money and happily receive all forms of prosperity." Write it down in a notebook or on a separate piece of paper. (You can always make another vision board later for a different intention.)

Now that you've clearly named your intention, either create or find (via the internet, magazines, or any other avenue), one, two, or three images that very powerfully give you the same feeling that you would feel if your intention were already true. (This is of course italicized because it is the key to successful image selection.) Alternatively, you can collage with more than three images, but try to unite them in some strategic way to stay true to your vision, and to maintain a concentrated and focused overall objective.

The point is, when it comes to vision boarding, it's my opinion that more isn't better. In other words, just one image that really aligns you with the feeling of what you're choosing to manifest can be more powerful than a bunch of random things you just happen to find in a stack of old magazines.

Once you've chosen your image(s), find a piece of cardboard that's large enough for it/them, but still small enough not to end up an old school, man-eating vision board.

3. Be Mindful of the Moon

Vision boards are generally more helpful for manifesting new things than for banishing or letting go of old things. So, it's best to make vision boards when the moon is waxing (i.e. between new and full) and not when the moon is waning (i.e. between full and new). Because, as you may already know, waxing moons are for manifesting (because they're when energy is gathering and building), and waning moons are for releasing (because they're when energy is dispersing and dwindling).

4. Get (Witch)Crafty

Making a vision board for romance? Light a pink, rose-scented candle while you work.  To manifest a new car? Assemble a playlist of "driving music" and play it as you create. For prosperity? Mix cinnamon essential oil into some sparkly green craft paint and brush it across the entire surface of the cardboard before you add any imagery. Then dangle dollar bills tied with gold ribbon along the bottom and hang it like a mobile. The more magic you weave into your vision board's making, the more powerful it will be.

5. Place it Strategically

Let's face it: not all vision boards are appropriate for the living room. What I mean is, while some vision boards will appear innocuous and merge seamlessly with the decor, some won't. And, if we fear even the slightest bit of judgment (even if it's unspoken) from others, we don't want to hang our magical masterpieces in plain sight. We want to guard them from naysayers, skeptics, and anyone who may cause us to think anything less than positive about our desired manifestation. So decide whether it's a piece that can be displayed prominently, or whether you'd prefer it to be a bit more discreet.

If it's going to be discreet, place it somewhere where you'll still see it on a regular basis, like the inside of your closet or cupboard.

If it's going to be public, choose a location that corresponds to your intention. For example, if you created the board for romance, you might choose to display it in the bedroom, or in the Love/Marriage area of your home (see Chapter 4 of Magical Housekeeping to discover the nine life areas in your magical floor plan).

6. Remember to Ground!

When it's done right, making a vision board is a powerful act of magic. So when you're finished, be sure to lay flat on your back on the ground and consciously allow any excess energy that may still be in your energy field to be absorbed back into the earth. Then eat something grounding like bread, potatoes, or rice.


  1. Tess, I actually created a vision board based on the grid in your book and I love it! I'm manifesting away...

  2. Oh cool! Actually, that reminds me that I've done that very same thing before. Totally works!

  3. LOVE your tips Tess! I have always been an artsy person and not only do your tips help manifest desires but it also nurtures and releases much creative energy which in itself, feels GREAT! Now that's a fantastic start to manifesting! (Joette)

  4. Thank you so much Joette, I LOVE the way you put that.

  5. This is a great idea. I have been wanting to do a vision board lately too. Question: After the vision has been manifested I was thinking of burning it in a ritual fire as if giving thanks and releasing to the divine. In your opinion, is this magikally a good idea? -Annette

  6. Hi Annette! Good question. I would say it really depends on if it feels powerful for you as a way to help manifest your desires. If you do choose to do it, I would DEFINITELY do it during the waxing moon rather than the waning. Also, I would hold it and really tune in and absorb its essence as fully as possible before burning it. I might even write a chant or affirmation of some sort to clearly state my intention to release it to the divine with total trust that my desires will manifest in perfect ways... You know, something like that.

  7. Tess, you are my heroine of practical magic. :-) Thank you thank you thank you for your work!

  8. Aww, thanks! I'm so grateful for the encouragement.


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