Thursday, May 28, 2015

Who Else is Feeling Pushed Out of Their Comfort Zone?

You may have noticed that we are in the midst of some serious shifting! Perhaps it's (at least in part) Mercury retrograde and all the astrological stuff happening this week. 

I mean, generally, I try to avoid the new age habit of thinking the energy of the whole world is topsy turvy simply because my own life is feeling that way. But from my intuitive counseling work as well as from talking to friends and family, it really seems like everyone is feeling pushed out of their comfort zone and called to make some serious changes right now in one major life area or another.

Perhaps that's why lately, I've felt spontaneously motivated to sing or think this Goddess chant:

She changes everything She touches and everything she touches changes.
She changes everything She touches and everything she touches changes.
Rising, rising, the earth is rising.
Turning, turning, the tide is turning.

In case you've never heard it, it sounds like this - only I just sing the chorus and instead of the verse I sing "Rising, rising, the earth is rising. Turning, turning, the tide is turning." That way it becomes like an affirmation or mantra.

This chant seems so perfect right now because it allows us to move with the changes: to embrace them instead of fighting them, and to invite in the Goddess and Divine Wisdom to shine light on everything and facilitate the most ideal possible outcomes.

You can wake up and sing it in your mind, meditate and sing it, sing it while you're driving or walking or riding your bike, and bring your mind back to it any time your thoughts seem to veer into anxiety or fear.

Because, after all, life would be boring without changes, and how on earth would we learn and grow? Anyway, resistance is futile. So let's dance with the music of change and embrace, embrace, embrace.

Sending love and blessings to all!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Vibration and Lift Your Mood

The most basic of quantum principles states that everything is energy. As a literal pattern of energy within a greater sea of energy, you naturally shift your environment and define what you attract based on the quality of your vibration. With that in mind, here are five ways that will almost invariably succeed at improving your vibration and lifting your mood.

1. Wear great pajamas. It's simple, but what's wrong with that? Take the time to find pajamas you love and feel great in, and give yourself the clear message that you treasure yourself and see the divinity and preciousness of each and every moment of your life. The importance and power of wearing great pajamas is extremely underrated. Seriously - try it and see!

2. Leave money in a public place for someone to find. I got this idea from Pam Grout's super fun book E-Cubed and WOW! It lifted my mood for days. Try taping a five dollar bill to a gas pump or the inside of a bathroom stall, possibly with a fun little note about the abundance of the universe. Extra bonus: what you give, you receive back - in a different but equal form - multiplied.

3. Give an authentic compliment. Have you ever noticed that it puts a spring in your step when you say to someone you don't know - like a store clerk or someone in the checkout line - something like, "I like your style," or "That watch is so hip," or "You have the most beautiful hair"? Similarly, it's such a great feeling to take a tiny bit of time to point out something you admire about someone you do know, like, "You are such a hilarious storyteller," or "How are you such an amazing cook?" It only takes a second, but the mood and vibration boosting payoffs are instant and intense. Not to mention the wave of positivity you set in motion in the outside world. (Which, of course, comes back to you multiplied.)

4. Tell someone why you treasure and appreciate them. It occurred to me recently that I hadn't really explained to my dad how much I admire his generosity and wisdom. So I called him and told him! Similarly, it feels so good to take a little time to tell Ted (my partner) all the many ways I appreciate and am inspired by him. In addition to being a highly effective way to dial in that highly coveted sense of connectedness and purpose, it's just a great thing to know that the people we treasure and appreciate know that we treasure and appreciate them, and why.

5. Watch this short video of baby foxes caught on video playing with a ball in someone's backyard. Can you imagine waking up to discover this? I love to observe the inherent playfulness of other species. Not to mention, it's sooooo cute!

For lots more vibration-raising philosophies and techniques, please check out my new book, Holistic Energy Magic. Ask for it at your local bookstore, or check it out on Amazon here.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

To Everyone Who Wants to Start a Professional Healing Practice But is Worried that They're Not Perfect Enough

My Dear Fellow Healers (i.e. psychics, intuitives, energy workers, feng shui consultants, yoga instructors, sacred dance teachers, and holistic health practitioners of all varieties),

Have you ever really gotten to know a professional healer or spiritual practitioner of any sort? Because if you have, you certainly noticed that he or she is just a human, with human challenges and human flaws.

And if you haven't, let me assure you: there isn't a single professional healer who is inherently better than you, or anybody.

After all, if someone is still alive, that someone still has lessons to learn and challenges to look at. We are all amazingly brilliant in some ways and amazingly ignorant in other ways. The subtleties and nuances to this are endless and inscrutable, and there is absolutely no divine scorecard or ranking of superiority.

Then what - you might ask - sets a healer apart from a non-healer? Why do some people feel that they have license to be public and professional about their healing abilities, and others do not?

The answer is simply that a healer is willing to hold space for divine energy and wisdom to flow.

It's not about his human ego, or her human story. It's about setting the intention to be a channel of divine healing, and then stepping out of the way and letting it happen. That's it.

Yes, we are all human, but we are also all conduits of divinity. The truth is that once we learn, and have reliable success with, one or more healing arts, all that is required is that we build and set up a structure (the website, the healing room, the marketing strategy, and all the physical aspects of the process), and then continually show up. Showing up means devoting the time, space, and energy that is necessary, opening up, and letting the Divine flow through.

That's it.

Are you perfect enough? Perfect is a strange word: to the ego, you're never perfect. To the Divine, you're always perfect. Which aspect shall you listen to? Which shall be your guiding star?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Who Else Wants to Do Oracle or Tarot Readings--Without a Deck?

A lot of us magical folk love using tarot or oracle cards, and I'm no exception. But when your deck of cards is at home or it's just not appropriate to use it at any given  moment, no problem! If you have a deck that you know well and use often, simply clear your mind, consider your question or quandary, and watch your mind's eye for a card image from the deck to rise into your consciousness.

Play with this a bit: you might find that shuffling the deck in your mind's eye and then drawing one helps, or (if you're like me) you'll just like to wait for an image to float to the top of your mind. This technique lends itself well to a single-card reading, although you might also try a simple three-card reading where the first card indicates the past or underlying cause of the issue, the second indicates the present or main aspect of the issue, and the third indicates the future or the recommended course of action regarding the issue.

If you don't have a deck that you know and love, or if you just want to open your mind to even more possibilities, you can do the same technique but allow any image, symbol, or word to float to the top of your mind. Chances are, once you receive an image (and please trust it, whatever it is, even if you think you made it up), you'll understand its significance. If you don't, just apply my boyfriend Ted's famous dream interpretation technique, and ask yourself, "If I had to guess, what would it mean? How would it apply?"

Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

And for more tips like this, please check out my brand new book (from which this post was excerpted), Holistic Energy Magic. Ask for it at your local bookstore or check it out on Amazon here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

One Simple Trick That Will Help You Break the Cell Phone Addiction for Good

Smart phones are very useful things! They're also fun, and handy, and have become all but indispensable in our modern world. And, it's becoming increasingly obvious that if we're going to feel peaceful, joyful, and connected to the physical world around us, we're going to need to learn some healthy habits when it comes to giving the cell phone compulsion a rest.

That's why some people have started doing digital detoxes and even paying good money for apps that block social media sites for prescribed amounts of time.

Call me old-fashioned, but when I realized I needed some quality time away from my phone, I didn't want to accumulate another digital thing to help me combat my reliance on digital things. It just seemed too cluttery and absurd.

So instead, I pulled out a trusty old deck of Bicycle Playing Cards, and rifled through until I found the Queen of Spades. I turned off my phone, placed the Queen face-up on top of it, and wrote a note with a time of day of my choosing that I could look at my phone again.

And would you believe it worked?

I've actually been doing it for a little while now. I attribute the method's success to the Queen's no-nonsense face, as well as her solidity and physicality. She is not an image on a screen. She is card, like the kind my grandma used to play solitaire with. And most importantly, she reminds me that I have chosen to live in the world without my phone for a certain, digital-distraction-free length of time.

Remember that childhood game, where you would say "jinx!" when you said the same thing at the same time as someone else, and then the "jinxed" person was not allowed to speak until someone said his or her name? Of course, when you were the jinx-ee, you absolutely did not talk. Not because you couldn't, but because it was what made the game fun. There was something neat about not being able to speak because you decided it wasn't allowed.

It's the same sort of thing here. Of course, if you wanted to, you could remove the card and check your phone. There's nothing technically stopping you. But because you've chosen not to, and that queen is staring at you with that serious "thou shalt not pass" look in her eye, the chain of compulsion is broken. And you are free to do things in the world without the distraction of your phone: clean, have a conversation, listen to raindrops, take a walk, or just sit - quiet and alert, in the vast magical brilliance of your own eternal mind.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Attract a Divine Partner with This Extra-Strength Love Drawing Ritual

Having a divine partner in your life is fun, nourishing, and rewarding...and it's no joke. It calls up all your "stuff" so that you have the opportunity to look at it, heal it, let go of it, and become stronger and more yourself than you otherwise could have been. It's a lifelong challenge and a lifelong joy. What I'm getting at here is that you have to be ready - not just for roses and chocolates, but also for looking into the dark places and facing your pain.

...So are you? Does the idea fill you with a joyful thrill, even if it also feels a little intimidating at the same time? Sort of like the idea of skydiving, or traveling to a foreign locale by yourself? If so, it might just be the right time to send out a magical invitation to that special someone, wherever and whoever he or she may be. (Remember, it's important for your magical intentions to be filled with authentic inspiration and enthusiasm.)

This coming Monday is the new moon, so I thought I'd share this ritual (from my new book) now so that you have the weekend to consider, clear your mind, and steady your heart.

Here it is:

Working magic for attracting a partner must be done carefully. While of course we don't want to attract just anyone, I am not a proponent of the old "make a list of every quality you want in a partner" technique, as the  Universe (or the part of us that is one with everything) knows much, much better than our rational mind what partner will be perfect for us at any given time. We're not ordering a pizza, after all; rather, we're attracting a multifaceted, complex human being with an ineffable eternal essence! With that in mind, in this ritual you'll begin by getting your vibration into a very clear and positive space because like attracts like, and then you'll set the clear intention to allow the Universe to find you a partner who is ideal for you in every way.

Oh, and never ever do this or any spell to attract a partner while visualizing or naming a specific person, or prolonged misery for all concerned will certainly ensue. (Was that warning emphatic enough to dissuade you? I hope so! I like to think my magical mistakes of the past were good for something!)

Wake up before sunrise on the morning of a new moon. Go outside and face east. Just as the sun peeks above the horizon, say:

I now invoke the power of the sunlight and the dawn.
Please shine light in the dark spaces.
Empower me, bless me, and steady me for love. 
Thank you.

Feel the light of the sun blessing you with its gentle yet powerful energy.

The next morning, and every morning up until the morning of the full moon, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning (or at least sometime in the morning before you go about your day), feel sunlight shining on you and into your heart as you inwardly say:

Sun shines brightly into my heart.
I am empowered, blessed, and ready for love.

On the night of the full moon, go outside and gaze at the moon, basking in its gentle glow. Say:

Divine partner, I call to you now.

While I don't yet know your identity, the Universe
sees you on my behalf and knows who you are.

Like the moon naturally attracts and receives the light of the sun, I invite you to come to me now.

You, divine partner, who I love and who loves me;
You, who I trust and who is trustworthy;
You, who are beautiful and who see me as beautiful;
You, who are perfect for me and for who I am perfect
in all ways: obvious, subtle, expected, and unexpected;
I call you. I summon you. I invite you. I attract you.

Come to me.
Come to me.
Come to me.

Feel the receptive, mystical light of the moon bathing you and rendering you radiant and irresistibly magnetic. Note that you may attract a number of potential partners after this ritual: don't assume the first one that appears is the one. Instead, keep an open mind, honor the journey, and have fun!

P.S. This is just one of many super-effective, tool-free spells from the new book!

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