Monday, August 24, 2015

Stuff Virgos Like

The sun moved into Virgo yesterday: I know because it was my birthday. (I'm just barely on the Virgo side of the cusp.)

As such, I thought I'd round up some good old Virgo favorites, and discuss just what it is about these things that makes (many of us) Virgos love them.

1. Lemon Everything. If it's lemon, you name it/Virgos love it: lemon-scented lotion, lemon essential oil, lemon cleaners, lemon pie, lemon water, lemonade, and simply those tart little yellow-licious citrus fruits themselves. Why? In short, because they're the quintessence of clean freshness all wrapped up in their own neat little wrapper. But also because they're so healing, both physically and emotionally: they boost the immune system and the mood. And if there's one thing Virgos like as much as cleanliness and healing, it's efficiency.

2. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Oh, it does everything! Cleanser, check. Mouthwash, check. Fabric softener, salad dressing, hair cleanser and conditioner, bug repellent you can take internally, body detoxifier, check, check, check, check, check. Oh how Virgos love the handiness and the multitasking prowess of this affordable little product.

3. Hand Sanitizer. My dear fellow Virgos, can you believe everyone doesn't carry a travel-sized hand sanitizer everywhere they go? How do they live???

4. Microfiber Dusters. Not all Virgos keep up with the latest technology, but when it comes to the microfiber cleaning revolution, we are 100% on board. Microfiber dusters don't just remove dust but trap it too? It's like a dream.

5. Rescue Remedy. If you're having a mental, emotional, or physical challenge, and if you have a Virgo in your life, she's likely prescribing Rescue Remedy. (Incidentally, have you ever noticed how much Virgos love to give advice? Case in point: this blog.) But check it out: four drops of this homeopathic flower essence under the tongue or in water, and your stress will be soothed. This in turn will clear your mind and boost your immune system. Did you hear what I said? Stress soothed/mind clear/immune system boosted. So many Virgo desires satisfied at once!

6. Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes. Of course, everyone can benefit from probiotics and digestive enzyme supplements. But if a Virgo's house was on fire, she'd run for the kitchen and save these products before getting to safety. After all, ask any Virgo and they'll tell you: nutrition and health are nothing without proper digestion!

7. Nice Water Bottles. Virgos know that drinking water is important for everyday detoxifying and overall health. And we want to do it in style! So check out our new water bottle! Don't you just love it?

8. Vacuums. If a Virgo is particularly stressed, vacuuming can in certain cases be more therapeutic than a massage.

9. Clean White Sheets. Nevermind that the classic feng shui color for sheets is pink: we Virgos adore our clean white sheets. In fact, simply visualizing the appearance, feeling, and scent of their crisp brightness can slow our heartbeat and restore a sense clarity and calm.

10. Tea. Virgos know that a warm cup of tea - herbal or caffeinated - is one of the true pleasures of life. Not to mention, like Virgos, tea is a problem solver! What do you need? Energy? Drink some green or black tea, or maybe yerba mate. Stress relief? Kava. A good night's sleep? Chamomile. Digestion? Ginger or peppermint. And the list goes on. (With lemons? Even better!)

...Accurate? Not accurate? And what else do you love, Virgos? Feel free to respond in the comments.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

10 Ways to Transform Drudgery into Positivity and Magic

Flickr/Alice Popkorn
When you're a kid, being a grownup seems very glamorous. But after the 400th toilet scrub and 7th trip to the DMV, things can start to seem a little less magical and a little more like drudgery.

...UNLESS you're proactive about it. And here are 10 ways to be just that.

1. When you're brushing your teeth, consider what a gift you're giving yourself. Think of freshly growing mint, and shimmery pearls. Remember that the mouth, in Chinese face reading, symbolizes the place where blessings and abundance enter your life, and clear the way for goodness.

2. When you're waiting in line at the bank, consider the rapid and immense flow of money that surrounds you. Soak it in and feel your energy field being drenched in the energy of affluence. Bless the money in your own account, and give thanks for it, seeing this gratitude naturally multiply it in your mind's eye.

3. When you're driving, trip out on this: you're maneuvering a huge, horseless carriage wherever you want to go. How powerful are you, sliding around paved roads at this super human speed?! It's like you're an astronaut. It's like you're living in a sci-fi novel.

4. When you're folding clothes, unabashedly inhale their freshness like a lady in a detergent commercial. Congratulate yourself for your cleaning efforts and feel that wherever you go, you are spreading fresh, sparkly light throughout your home. Fold light and love into the clothes so that whomever wears them (even if it's you) feels this glowing energy of love.

5. When you're working, no matter what type of work you are doing, remember that you can change lives and spread love simply by the energy you exude. Something as simple as an authentic smile or compliment, fueled by love and acceptance, can create lifelong, extremely positive changes within a customer or coworker that ripple out everywhere, forever.

6. When you're preparing food, think about all the glowing sunlight, fertile earth, and flowing water that went into these ingredients being here now in your kitchen. Then think about all the helpful people that contributed to harvesting, packaging, transporting, and making it available in the store. Oh, and the precious pollinators! Truly: what a miracle, this food. What an invaluable, delicious miracle.

7. When you're grocery shopping, think of a cave man or woman. Then notice that from their perspective, the grocery store is a most magical, glowing forest of edibles, all safe to eat and ripe for the picking. What an amazing, luxurious thing humans have created, this grocery store! And what a gift to be able to shop in it!

8. When you're taking a shower, remind yourself that you are in an in-between time. When you're in the shower, you can't check your email, tone your glutes, make financial decisions, or advance your career. So give up on worrying about all that stuff, and just enjoy the feeling of the water and all those negative ions literally bathing you in positive energy. Let yourself revel in the sensual pleasure of it all. After all, there's nothing else to do!

9. When you're vacuuming, aren't you in luck! What a wonderful invention, this broom that powerfully sucks everything up into a bag, making a clear and sparkling floor where before there was dust. If you have a carpet, what could be better than those lines the vacuum makes? It's like raking the sand in the Zen garden that is your home.

10. When you're sweeping your doorstep, clear the way for blessings. According to feng shui wisdom, the entrance of your home is the place where you define what type of energy enters your home. So clear the decks, sparkle it up, and let that sparkling energy flow in.

Monday, August 17, 2015

5 Ways to Use Magic to Help You Lose Weight

What is magic, really? I define it as employing your consciousness to affect the quantum field in a way that brings about positive change in accordance with your will. In other words, it's science! It's also what many people like to call metaphysics and The Law of Attraction. Everything really is connected, after all, and everything is energy. So there's no reason in the world, for example, why clearing clutter out of your home couldn't conceivably contribute to shedding weight from your body.

Which brings us to the topic of our blog post, and the first of five ways you can use magic to help you lose weight.

(Next time you feel compelled to lose a few pounds, instead of limiting your calories or handcuffing yourself to a treadmill, try coming at if from a different angle, and employ every single one of these. Think of it as your magical diet plan!)

1. Clear Clutter. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. When you get rid of clutter in your home, you automatically get rid of clutter in your mind, body, and spirit. This includes excess weight and unhealthy habits. Clearing clutter also gets your energy moving, which promotes a natural desire to move your body more often (i.e. exercise).

2. Spend Time in Nature. No matter how fancy technology gets, and how many hours we spend indoors under electric lighting, the fact remains that just like a tree or a rock, a human being is nature. As such, regular time spent in outdoors in natural settings attunes us deeply to our natural rhythms. This helps us digest, balances our metabolism, and makes us many times more likely to choose healthy foods and behaviors.

3. Breathe Deeply. My dear friend, the holistic nutritionist Rachel Avalon, taught me that infusing our body with oxygen through deep breathing actually helps us digest our food in much the same way oxygen helps a fire burn more brightly and transform dead wood into fuel. Indeed, have you ever noticed how much better food tastes when you're camping outside in the fresh, open air? Additionally, breathing deeply and consciously brings you into the present moment and aligns you with the wisdom of your body, so that you'll be more likely to choose foods and activities that support your optimal weight.

4. Bless Your Food. In her excellent book E-Squared, author Pam Grout recommends undertaking an experiment related to how you think about your food. She writes, "In this experiment, you're going to give up your ongoing grudge against the food you eat. You're going to think of every single morsel that enters your body as your best friend, or at least a thoroughly nourishing acquaintance." She goes on to suggest that you not judge yourself or your body as you eat, and that you take a moment to bless your food - to give thanks for it and to mentally align it with the energy of the Divine in a way that feel powerful to you - before eating. Try it for at least a week. See if you don't begin to not only easily lose weight, but also to feel better about the whole food and body image thing in general. 

5. Nourish Yourself. Looking back, I can see that the times that I had the most challenge with maintaining positive eating habits were the times that I felt the least nourished in other areas of life. So assess: how could you nourish yourself (in non-food related ways) more? Certainly numbers two and three in this list will help, as nature and breath are excellent ways to nourish ourselves. But what else? Does color nourish you? Maybe you want to paint or get one of those trendy new grown-up coloring books. Other ideas for self-nourishment:
  • Fresh flowers in your environment
  • Time with friends and family
  • A trip to a thrift store for an inexpensive and eco-friendly wardrobe upgrade
  • Inspiring music
  • Incense or essential oils
  • A juicy novel

...Hey - thanks for reading! And if you try this weight loss plan, keep me posted on your results. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gurus Are Everywhere--what I learned from a cloud, a cat, a rose, a dog, and sunlight on water

What I learned from a cloud...

...Either lighten up, or let it all out.

What I learned from a cat...

...Chill it WAY out, but also be ready for anything.

What I learned from a rose...

...Your beauty is in your willingness to open.

What I learned from a dog...

...Live for love.

What I learned from sunlight on water...

...When you sparkle, everyone benefits.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 Magical Strategies to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft


In the old days, people did magic to protect from normal old thieves. Nowadays, it seems like the burglary we're more commonly looking out for is the more elusive and insidious identity theft. As such, I thought I'd provide 5 ways magically protect ourselves from this modern challenge.

Of course, taking conventional precautions are highly recommended. Think of this list as magical reinforcement.

1. Call on Archangel Michael. When any kind of high-powered protection is called for, you can never go wrong by calling on Archangel Michael for support. His blinding presence and swift sword of light are no match for any person or action with less-than-positive intentions. You might ask him to protect your identity on a regular basis, and whenever you feel concerned.

flickr/Ian Gampon

2. Call on Thoth. The most ancient of Egyptian deities, Thoth, in the words of Judika Illes, "created himself by speaking his own name." Aligned with magic, mathematics, and the spoken word - and a master shape shifter - Thoth is particularly qualified to protect from identity theft. Simply call on him and ask him to magically encrypt your identity so that it can't be tampered with.

3. Don't Panic. In magic, in the galaxy, and in life, don't panic is always an important strategy. A panicking magician is a disempowered magician. Don't let the thought of identity theft scare you. Remember: no one and nothing has power over you! Always and in all situations, your power comes from the Divine, and you are safe.

4. Surround Your Electronic Presence in Love. Admittedly, your electronic presence is an elusive, invisible thing. But this is no concern to us! Because we're magical folk: elusive and invisible are our middle names. So tune into the energy of your electronic presence and send it glowing, golden-white love. This will act as a shield and invisibility cloak to anyone who is not vibrating at such a high frequency as love, which is the highest frequency of all.

5. Create an Identity Lock Box. For those who just adore working magic in the physical world, this one's for you. Find a high quality lock box. Wash it with a natural cleaner, and empower it in sunlight. Perhaps affix tile mirrors to each of the six sides to energetically protect it. Then write your full name, birth date, and social security number on a piece of paper, and lock it inside the box. Hide the key somewhere safe. Keep the box on your shelf and re-empower it by visualizing white light around it regularly.

Monday, July 27, 2015

5 Secrets to Working Magic that WORKS

The fun thing about magic is that when you do it correctly, it always, always works. It may not work in the way that you expect. It's actually way better than that, because that would be boring anyway. Rather, it works in the way that most nourishes your soul.

With this in mind, here are five secrets to help you manifest your desires, and work your magic effectively, every time.

1. Align with your most authentic intention. You can't just pluck a random intention out of the air and manifest it. Well, OK, you can, but it's not always effective. And why do it anyway, when you can find the hidden cache of power: the place where your soul knows exactly what will contribute to your most ideal unfolding? What gives you a rush of energy when you consider it? What makes your heart sing? What, when you think of it, reminds you of the childhood feeling of waking up on your birthday and knowing you're going to get exactly what you've always wanted? (For more guidance on this, watch the video I did on the subject here.)

2. Find the ways your intention has already manifested in your life. Let's say you want to manifest, for example, greater wealth and prosperity. Remember: vibration is what attracts things into our life experience, and feeling is what shifts our personal vibration. So get into the feeling of already having wealth and prosperity! Notice all the wealth you already have in your life. Mentally bless all the money in your bank account, no matter how much it is. Bless your home, your supportive friends, and all your treasured belongings. This is important because we don't want to unconsciously focus on the contrast between what we want and what we already have. Remember: what we focus on expands. And in truth, you have already had a lot of wealth in your life! So notice it, feel it, bless it, and get ready for it to expand.

3. Let go of the need for your intention to manifest. Aha! Here is a secret you won't find everywhere. But take heed! It's solid gold. When you can actually stop desperately chasing that which you want to manifest, what you want to manifest comes to you. Although this may seem nonsensical at first, the real truth is that nothing is all that serious. This life experience is really quite similar to a dream. From the perspective of the Universe (which is your true identity), this present life is actually little more than the blink of an eye, and even what appears to be solid matter will dissolve completely back into nothing in almost no time at all. When we remember this, we can play with this life experience like children in a sandbox. From this playful perspective, we stop pushing and struggling, and everything we desire begins to flow right in.

(Please note: this doesn't mean that we won't have to take steps in the physical world - and even work hard - in order to contribute to the manifestation of our goals. It just means that from the energetic/emotional perspective, we won't be feeling panicky. Any actions we may feel guided to take will be born out of confidence rather than desperation.)

4. Expect your intention to manifest. Here's another seeming paradox: let go of the need for it, but also totally expect it. Do you need your favorite TV show to come on at 7PM on Thursday night? No, but you totally expect it. Do you need to find chocolate in the candy aisle? No, but there's not an ounce of doubt in your mind that you absolutely will. Magic works because reality is fluid, and our expectation about how well our magic will work has everything to do with how it does work.

5. Make every aspect of your magic fun. Fun is the secret sauce. When you're choosing or crafting a spell or ritual, choose according to what feels fun. Select the ingredients, visualizations, chants, timing, and/or other aspects that make your inner child feel like a million bucks. This will light up your magical energy like a Christmas tree, and keep you in the ideal mindset for perfect magical success.

BONUS SECRET: Remember that we're all connected! By manifesting the truest desires of your heart, you beautify not just your world but also everyone's world. So go forth and manifest!

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