Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GREAT GIVEAWAY: 2015 Llewellyn's Annuals

Happy Autumn Equinox!

I have an abundance of 2015 annuals (in which articles I wrote appear), and I feel like giving some away to TWO lucky winners - might you like to enter to win either of these lovely prizes? 

The grand prize will be SIX annuals. These ones, to be exact:

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

"What If My Relationship Corner Is in The...?" (Feng Shui Solutions for Every Love Corner)

As you may be aware, I am of the "don't panic" school of feng shui. Because, hey: if you find yourself panicking about anything feng shui-related, you know that feng shui is doing the absolute opposite of what it's supposed to do: chill you out and activate positive flow.

That's why I wanted to write this post. I often get concerned emails from people who think it's possible that their love corner is in the wrong place. But guess what: there's no such thing! Wherever you are is exactly perfect for you right now, and no matter what, there is always something that you can do to improve the flow and get into an even more positive momentum.

[Quick note to those who are wondering what the love corner even is and where it may be in your space: you might want to watch this video. You can also find more detailed info in the DIY Feng Shui Series.]

So, without further ado, here are all the places your love corner may be, and what you can do about them:

Bedroom: Consider warm, deep red for the bedding, and/or pink, peach, white, and cream. Sensual textures, ambient lighting, and romantic images of couples or pairs of things (such as two trees or two animals who appear to be in a loving relationship) are ideal.

Romantic imagery is always a good plan
Bathroom: Consider painting pink or pale peach, if possible. Then add a romantic image or two, and perhaps two plants, two candles, and/or two rose quartz hearts.

Office: If it doesn't feel good to switch the office and the bedroom, just make sure to keep only romantic imagery on the walls, and frame a picture of you and your partner (if applicable) for your desk. Warm and romantic colors like red and pink are ideal, as are pairs of things like two plants or two rose quartz hearts.

Kid's Room: If it doesn't feel good to you to switch your kid's room for your own room, make sure to accentuate the other relationship corners throughout the house - i.e. the far right corner of each room when standing at the main door to the room, facing in. You might, for example, place some kind of romantic accent, such as two plants, a romantic statue, or two rose quartz hearts in each corner. (Select according to what feels right in each room.)

Simple solution: a pair of rose quartz hearts
Guest Room: If it doesn't feel right to move your own bedroom into the guest room, or at least to change your guest room into an office or meditation space (many people have guest rooms but rarely have guests), make sure the guest room feels very romantic, with Valentine's day colors, sensual textures, and romantic imagery. If you have a partner, you might also frame a picture of the two of you and place it in this room in order to symbolically occupy it with your energy.

Living Room: Excellent! Again, romantic imagery. Maybe pictures of you and your partner (if applicable) rather than family pictures. Also, be sure to cover the TV when it's not in use to discourage excess TV watching and to make sure that your primary relationship is not with the television.

Kitchen: Cozy it up! You might be noticing a theme here: warm and passionate colors and romantic imagery is best. Also, pairs of things: two candles, two towels, a romantic/whimsical salt and pepper shaker duo (you know, like in the shape of a pair of cats).

Dining Area: Create the visual affirmation of romance by having it ready for a romantic dinner for two. Two chairs in this area are far better than three, four, or any other number. (If you use more chairs regularly, however, keep them: I don't want you to inconvenience yourself for the sake of feng shui - again, that would be defeating the purpose!) Keep flowers on the table, and/or maybe a couple of red candles.

When possible, create a romantic affirmation or nook for two
Backyard: How about two trees, red and pink flowers, and/or a love seat or porch swing for two? Two chairs angled toward each other can also be a lovely affirmation of romance, or a romantic statue of some sort.

Deck/Patio: Create a romantic nook for two, and make sure there is the option for ambient lighting. Red and/or pink flowers are great, and how about a fire pit?

Garage: Can you paint it pink or red? If you just wrinkled your nose in horror or shuddered at the thought of all that work, maybe just a romantic poster of some sort for a symbolic affirmation of romance. Also, make sure to keep that clutter cleared!

Laundry Room: Again, I would love for you to paint the laundry room pink or red: hey, why not? It's pretty casual as far as decor goes, so why not have a little fun? OK, if that doesn't sound good, how about just some romantic decorations, or even just one super romantic image on a postcard, taped to a cupboard to open your heart to love.

Closet: Feel like painting your closet red or pink? Doesn't that sound adorable? Not really? OK then, you might place a romantic postcard image in your closet, and be sure to keep it super clutter-free.

Outside of Floor Plan: If the relationship area is completely outside of your home, and you don't even have any outdoor space that you can designate, accentuate the love and marriage corners of each individual room and area (the far right corner of each room when facing the room from the main door to the room) with something romantic: a statue of a couple, a romantic picture, two plants, or two rose quartz hearts for example.

It's all about intention, and feeling! As long as you feel good in your space, and you have sufficient visual and/or energetic affirmations of a healthy and nourishing love life, you've got your romance energies flowing. Think quality (of the image/feeling/intention) rather than quantity.

Oh yeah, and for more love corner coaching, watch this video if you haven't already:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are You a Faerie?--8 Signs That You Are a Faerie-Person

Midsummer Night's Dream is your favorite Shakespearean play. Tinkerbell is your favorite Disney character. And you always want to wear faerie wings, even when it isn't Halloween. Could you be a faerie-person? Chances are the answer is yes.

Before we look at the signs that you are, in fact, an incarnated member of the realm of the fae, let's discuss what exactly that may mean. It's true that it's a rather mysterious classification, but let's note for a moment that for the majority of time that humans have been here on planet earth, we have been much more closely aligned to her cycles and mysteries than we are now. Instead of watching TV or sitting under a roof, we gazed at the stars and were intimately familiar with their dance. We listened to the wind and noted its intensity and direction, and knew inherently what other factors went along with those conditions. We could communicate with animals, because we were awake to their wisdom and aliveness. In short, we knew ourselves to be one with Mother Earth; and, in the same way that one tiny bit of DNA contains the blueprint to the entire organism in all its glorious wholeness, we knew that we were not just on the earth, but rather that we contained its entire essence within our every cell.

And we do still!

Faerie-people, then, might be people who remember this more strongly. Like cats who still retain
their wildness, or dogs who remember their true identity as wolves, faerie-people are people who remember our earth alignment perhaps a bit more strongly than your average person. And there are a lot of wonderful things that go along with that.

Which brings us to the 8 Signs That You Are a Faerie-Person. Do any of these describe you?

1. You feel irresistibly compelled to laugh, jump, squeal, or dance when you see butterflies flying and/or dolphins jumping. ...You can't help it! These magical creatures who are so aligned with the realm of the fae just open up a sense of joy in you, and you find yourself expressing your ecstatic excitement.

2. You love shiny and sparkly things. Sunshine on water, light on leaves, super shiny dimes, and even glittery baubles from the dollar store cause you to feel a transcendent sort of glee. That's your sparkling faerie essence, recognizing itself in the external world.

3. You love dancing and music. Music is a human way of realigning with the rhythm and cycles of the earth, and dancing with freedom and abandon is the act of letting go and blending your essence with the energy of All That Is: the cycle of the seasons, the music of the spheres, and the movement of the cosmos. We faerie-people recognize this as a way of remembering our natural wildness and joy.

4. You have a sweet tooth. Sometimes it seems like you could eat chocolate, cookies, or another kind of sweet for every meal. In truth, life is sweet, and the earth is sweet, and so sweetness feels like the most natural taste to consume. [Health note: because of our difficulty in moderating our sweet consumption, it's best for faerie-folk to eat fruit and to find or make sweets sweetened with things other than white sugar, such as agave, fruit sugar, maple syrup, and coconut sugar.]

5. You often dream that you can fly...Maybe even every night, or at least a lot of nights! And when you do, it feels like the most natural ability in the world.

6. The destruction of plants/animals/the earth causes you literal physical pain. One of the most
challenging things about being a faerie person is that - because we know so deeply and intrinsically that we are one with everything - the mistreatment of our planet and fellow organisms is extremely difficult to bear. Be aware, however, that our sensitive consciousness is SO needed right now to reawaken our more domesticated brothers and sisters to their ancient faerie nature. So our pain might be difficult, but keeping our hearts open and retaining our precious sensitivity does have a purpose. Not to mention, the more we feel our pain, the more we also feel our joy.

7. You seem to know the medicinal and metaphysical qualities of plants and crystals without anyone telling you what they are. Hold a crystal, or hang out with a plant for a second and admire its beauty. Then notice how it starts to communicate with you in a deep and wonderful way that is beyond words, and that is very healing and nourishing to your emotions and energetic body. Notice also how you can begin to glean information about how that crystal or plant wants to help with any number of physical and/or emotional challenges. As faerie-people, we are wisdom keepers, and all that wisdom needs in order to be reawakened is a little bit of conscious, alert communion with the natural world.

8. You have an irreverent sense of humor. If everyone is getting too serious about something, do you feel irresistibly compelled to laugh and poke fun? That's your faerie wisdom sparkling through, reminding you that while on one level, everything is infinitely precious, on another level, nothing is really that serious. Lightening up and laughing can shake our ego-identification and reconnect us with the truth that we are one with everything. And that is the wisdom that is most needed on earth at this time. So, faerie people, go forth and laugh!

So, have you recognized your true identity as a member of the fae? And are you aware of other qualities that indicate that one is, indeed, a faerie-person? If you feel so moved, please leave your responses in the comments.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Magical Mouth Care--The Joy (Really!) of Holistic Self-Dentistry

In Magical Fashionista, I wrote:

"In Chinese face reading, the mouth symbolizes one's degree of prosperity, so luscious, moisturized lips and gleaming, healthy teeth help support a luxurious inflow of wealth and resources. When you think about it, this makes sense, since this is the place where we receive our nourishment from the outside world and it's the place where we express our degree of happiness (in the form of a smile). In a parallel way, the appearance and health of this area symbolizes our degree of well-being, as well as the quality of energy that we are drawing into our lives." 

And yet, since the time that I wrote that a couple of years ago, my understanding of the connection between the health of the mouth and the health of every other single aspect of our physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial health has deepened exponentially.

While I knew about this connection theoretically, there was still a level of mouth consciousness that I did not want to broach. Frankly, I was a bit squeamish. While I would read whole books on nutrition, exercise, beauty, fashion, or spirituality, I just didn't want to learn in depth about my teeth or how to take care of them. Even though I had forced myself to go to the dentist a few times in later years (after years of avoiding the dentist altogether), I didn't really want to know what they were doing in my mouth or why.

Then, one day a couple of months ago, that all changed.

I was cancelling my teeth cleaning appointment for the third time (after getting a crown and a number of fillings, I really didn't feel intuitively aligned with my mainstream dentist's harsh and chemical-laden techniques), when I had a talk with myself. "You can cancel again," I told myself, "but only if you really learn about oral health and start doing the work of keeping your teeth super duper clean and healthy on your own." It wasn't that I thought I'd never ever go to a dentist ever again, but just that I'd minimize the need, and when I did decide to go, I'd be educated about it. Let me be clear: educating myself on oral care did not sound fun. But I knew that if I was going to walk my talk, and be authentic in my desire to be conscious and self-empowered in every area of my life, I couldn't just keep putting it off. So I poked around on Amazon and finally ordered Holistic Dental Care by Nadine Artemis.

Here is what I've learned: the degree of health in the mouth is not just symbolically aligned with the degree of health in the body, it is literally aligned with it. The healthier the body, the healthier the mouth, and vice versa. And why wouldn't this be true? The mouth is part of the body after all, not to mention that it's highly absorbent and provides a direct line to your internal organs.

Since I've read this book, my daily oral care regimen has changed, and now it resembles - and in effect, is - a thorough space clearing. Afterwards, I feel totally open and receptive to wealth, abundance, vitality, and all good things. Here's what I do:

1. Rinse my mouth with a salt water mixture. (I prepare the solution by boiling 16 oz. of water, adding a tablespoon of salt, and letting it cool.)

2. Scrape my tongue with a tongue cleaner. (Did you even know these existed? I didn't!)

3. Lightly brush my gums with a toothbrush to which I've added 1-2 drops of organic essential oil of tea tree.

4. Brush my teeth for 2 minutes with an electric toothbrush with a round head, to which I've added a drop of organic essential oil of peppermint and a pinch of a mixture of baking soda and salt. (Did you know that even natural toothpaste has a bunch of toxins and stuff that you don't need? Even though you could make the argument that their toxicity is not too serious, it becomes serious when you use them every single day, twice a day.)

5. Clean my gums with a gum stimulator, to which I've added a drop of organic essential oil of tea tree.

6. Floss.

7. Rinse once more with the salt water solution.

It sounds like a lot, but when you've been sufficiently traumatized by mainstream dentistry, and when you learn about the perils of it (and there are many!), it is so, so, so worth it. Plus, it honestly feels amazing, and - by using energy-clearing and vibration-raising ingredients such as salt, baking soda, and essential oils - it creates the space for blessings of all varieties (as if vibrant dental health weren't enough!) to flow into your life experience.

One more note: sometimes, for extra credit, I'll preface the above routine with oil pulling. I do this by swishing coconut oil plus a drop of organic essential oil of oregano in my mouth for ten minutes, and then spitting it in the trash (so that I don't clog the pipes). It not only whitens the teeth naturally, it also kills bacteria in the mouth, keeps the breath naturally fresh, and pulls toxins powerfully from your entire body (not just your mouth)! I've even noticed that I sleep more deeply and awake more refreshed after I swish with coconut oil. It's a pretty amazing thing.
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